Open day

Pay per hour (Min 2 hours)
Max 10 Persons

Be spontaneous and adventurous with our Open Day package. With our hourly rates you can go on a quick morning snorkel or stay out till your heart is content.

Day rates

4 Hours / 8 Hours
USD$575* / USD$1035*
Max 10 Persons

Plan a day with your friends and family exploring the coast of Dominica. Secret bays, beautiful reefs, and the open sea make for amazing memories and experiences.

Day trip

Max 8 Persons

That special day with all the romance, adventure and culture is now possible! A private charter to our neighboring islands is just want you and your loved ones need.

*All rates Includes 15%VAT

  • DIP is responsible for client/vessel clearance in/out of the islands.
  • Passports must be submitted 48hr prior to departure for this service.        
  • Vessel cannot depart without clearance of all on deck.
  • Rates do not include departure taxes (for departure to other islands)